24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Service

24-hour blood pressure monitoring is used to get a better picture of your blood pressure changes over a whole day and night. The blood pressure monitor is a small device that’s attached to your arm. You’ll be expected to carry on with your normal routine so that your cardiologist can track the changes.

Why am I having a 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Service?

There are three main reasons why this test is useful. Firstly, we may want to see if your high readings are the same when you’re not in the clinic. This is known as ‘white coat syndrome’. Secondly, we may want to see if your readings remain high at night. If so, we may need to adjust your medications. Finally, it’s useful to check if your medications are working throughout the whole day and to see if low BP that may be causing symptoms such as dizziness.

24-hour blood pressure monitoring is simple and safe

Blood pressure monitoring is extremely safe and no different than carrying around a small recorder for 24 hours. It is recommended you wear a top with loose-fitting sleeves as a blood pressure cuff is attached to your arm. It will take approximately 15 minutes to apply the blood pressure monitor. You will be required to return the next morning to have the blood pressure monitor removed. Also, note that the monitor is not waterproof so you cannot have a shower or a bath until the monitor is removed.

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