We provide a Cardiac Education & Heart Failure Clinic for advice and support

The Cardiac Education and Heart Failure Clinic aims to provide information, advice and support to:

• Those who have heart disease.
• Those who are at high risk of developing heart disease.
• Those who have been diagnosed with Heart Failure.

Ways you can help prevent Heart Failure

It’s estimated that some 300,000 Australians suffer from chronic heart failure. Heart failure usually doesn’t sneak up on people, but develops over time and for a number of reasons. It’s important to know if you’re more likely to get it so you can take the steps to help prevent it. Fortunately, heart failure can be managed very effectively with medication and lifestyle changes.

Here are the main things you can do to help prevent heart failure:

• Stick to a healthy weight
• Exercise regularly
• Eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins
• Limit bad fats, added sugars, salt, and alcohol
• Don’t smoke or use recreational drugs
• Reduce your stress
• Get enough sleep

Treatment can improve the way you feel and make it easier for you to do things. Lifestyle techniques as well as medical advice are all discussed during the 30-minute Cardiac Education and Heart Failure Clinic appointment.

Coffs Cardiology is conveniently located in the Specialist Medical Centre

We are conveniently located in Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Highway in the Specialist Medical Centre (take the exit for ‘Base Hospital’ at traffic lights). There is plenty of parking. We are on Level 2 in Suite 208.
Please take a ticket at the boom gate and bring to your appointment for validation for free parking.

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