A CT Coronary Angiogram for detailed information about heart and arteries

Your cardiologist may refer you for a CT coronary angiogram scan which is done in radiology but co reported by one of our cardiologists. This is a non-invasive procedure that looks at the whole heart and the coronary arteries, which supply the heart muscle with blood. This test provides your cardiologist with a large amount of information including proving or excluding significant blockages within the coronary arteries. In addition, the scan is able to detect the earliest stages of cholesterol deposition within the walls of the coronary arteries and this assists greatly in determining a patient’s current and future risk of cardiovascular disease.

How should I prepare for a CT coronary angiogram?

You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your exam. You may need to wear a gown during the procedure. Your cardiologist will tell you if you need to avoid any medications or take further action such as taking medication to slow your heart rate for the scan to allow better quality imaging of the coronary arteries before you go. The CTCA is performed at Coffs Harbour Radiology in West High Street, Coffs Health Campus or Baringa Hospital. If you have any further queries, they can be contacted on 02 66482700. We advise you to ensure you follow up with your cardiologist or GP to discuss the results to ensure no further action needs to be taken.

Coffs Cardiology is conveniently located in the Specialist Medical Centre

We are conveniently located in Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Highway in the Specialist Medical Centre (take the exit for ‘Base Hospital’ at traffic lights). There is plenty of parking and we are on Level 2 in Suite 208.
Please take a ticket at the boom gate and bring to your appointment for validation for free parking.

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