A TOE uses ultrasound to get a better look at your heart

The Transoesophageal Echo (or TOE) procedure will be organised at the request of your Cardiologist. It uses an ultrasound placed via the mouth into the oesophagus to more accurately assess the structure of the heart and aorta.

What are the benefits of a TOE?

A TOE is usually used to help assess a problem with one of your heart valves and can show if it is possible to repair or replace that valve. In addition, it’s also used to help guide the heart specialist during procedures to close holes between heart chambers. Also, if you need a controlled electric shock to treat an abnormal heart rhythm (cardioversion), a TOE is sometimes used first to check if you have a blood clot.

How should I prepare for a TOE?

A blood test needs to be undertaken 2-3 days before your appointment. After that, you will be admitted to the Coronary Angiography Unit at Coffs Harbour Health Campus and you will need to fill in an admission form and sign a consent form. The procedure, and recovery after the procedure, usually takes about 2 hours but can take longer. This procedure does involve a mild anaesthetic.

Note that you will be unable to drive for 24 hours so you will need to arrange transport to and from the hospital. Also, you cannot eat or drink anything six (6) hours prior to procedure. Please advise staff at admission if you are diabetic.

Coffs Cardiology is conveniently located in the Specialist Medical Centre

We are conveniently located in Coffs Harbour on the Pacific Highway in the Specialist Medical Centre (take the exit for ‘Base Hospital’ at traffic lights). There is plenty of parking. We are on Level 2 in Suite 208.
Please take a ticket at the boom gate and bring to your appointment for validation for free parking.

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